She is one of a kind. If she is your agent you will be truly blessed.

Cathie Berlin was highly recommended to me by friends whom I

trust without hesitation. Based on those recommendations I reached out to Cathie which was a total blessing for me. I was a first time buyer, and she walked me through absolutely everything, sometimes twice if I got confused.

I was shocked when emailing Cathie back well after what would be considered normal business hours and in minutes she was replying! In fact we often were in contact first thing in the morning and after normal hours in the evening. Cathie is extremely dedicated to her clients and pretty much works 24/7. That type of personal service is unheard of today.

Cathie not only listened, but heard, what I had to say, what was most important to me in a neighborhood, a home, budget, etc.

When I thought I knew the areas that I wanted to focus on, Cathie sat down with me after she did some research and explained the Mello Roos and high HOA fees, etc. that would mean I would be working solely to make a house payment, barely able to handle any unforeseen emergency that will inevitably come to pass.

I fell in love with two homes before finding “home”. Cathie had encouraged me not to feel too attached to a home until all the due diligence was done. The anxiousness and possibilities of either a higher offer, or other set back can be very disappointing. I was not a good listener and ultimately was disappointed twice making offers that were not accepted as higher offers came in. Cathie made an offer on in my behalf for a home that would have been settling rather than finding what I really wanted; by morning that small still voice told me that we should withdraw the offer, which she did, and never voiced any frustration with all the work she had just gone through only to start over. In the end it was a blessing that I listened to that small still voice, that home was not half the “home” that Cathie found for me.

Cathie introduced me to the quaint and quiet community of San Juan Capistrano and I fell in love with it. The first home I was infatuated with was two stories and had more cons than pros after Cathie did the due diligence; she found a home just down the street which is single level, end condo with private front entrance, back yard, two car garage, and personality that completely matches the Mission and Swallows of Old San Juan. Within less than 24 hours, if my recollection is correct, the offer was made and accepted, escrow started and everything just flowed through final closing. Cathie told me what to expect and when it would be coming. We discussed any questions I had and due to the faith and confidence that I had in her, it was easy to let go and allow her guide me every inch of the way.

I highly recommend that you be a better listener than I was and recognize that you will most likely find a home a couple of times before you really find “home” unless you are one of the very lucky few. Do not despair or settle, Cathie will find your perfect “home”.

With Cathie’s help I can honestly state it was easier to buy my first home than it was to purchase my last car. No headaches, no surprises or undisclosed gimmicks, just straight forward information. Cathie arranged for everything such as inspections, termite treatment so that I did not have to miss work, negotiated the repairs that the Owner would be responsible for, and those I would be responsible for. She taught me what was and was not a reasonable request and the art of letting her do the negotiating on my behalf.

Having just completed my 2013 taxes, my accountant stated he had never seen an electronic file as detailed and organized as the one Cathie so graciously created and forwarded to me for my use in completing the same. I had never thought to ask for it, it just arrived in early January with a lovely note.

I am sharing all the details of my experience so that you will have absolute confidence in the choice you are about to make. No one will work harder for you.

She is one of a kind. If she is your agent you will be truly blessed.

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